The staged, incoming mandation of new SOLAS regulations revised by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has meant that vessels (over a certain size) must now carry either single or double ECDIS to be used for primary navigation.

This began to take effect in July 2012 when new passenger ships above 500gt and all new tankers above 3,000gt were required by law to use ECDIS. This change has hastened evolution towards the adoption of digital charts and has led to some difficulties with crew requiring both generic and type specific ECDIS training.

Jargoon has developed a simple and user-friendly ECDIS called SEALL which promises a new approach to electronic navigations that is both user-friendly and at the cutting edge of technology.

SEALL encapsulates the fundamental principles of ECDIS, utilising all of the functionalities and capabilities of a compliant system while making best use of features such as touch screen compatibility.

The Seall ECDIS is one of the first to include a multi-touch screen interface, changing the way an ECDIS system is operated and making it easier than ever to use. By incorporating this technology in the design, it replaces the need for out of date and expensive control panels and input devices, required in existing systems.

The speed that Seall ECDIS operates at is a key feature of the system. It has powerful processing capabilities and an innovative new caching system, enabling ENC's to be loaded and displayed faster.

The Seall ECDIS has been developed with the end-user in mind. It has been designed to include only features required by the end-user, to avoid over-complicating the system and making it difficult to use. Our System is easy to use and guarantees a seamless transition from other ECDIS systems or paper navigation, helping to minimise disruption to day to day operation and any downtime.

Installing and setting up Seall ECDIS is a fast and simple process. The system automatically detects any sensors that it is connected to, including motion, positioning, and heading devices, AIS and ARPA, and automatically sets up the monitoring functions.

Seall ECDIS has been type approved by DNV GL to the latest IEC 61174 Edition 4.0 Standards and is fully compliant with all official ENC services including the market-leading AVCS, Primar and NOAA products.

Once Installed we provide comprehensive training to ensure you are compliant with IMO training requirements. Our computer based training application has been built to be simple to use and be completed on iOS, Android tablet devices, as well as Windows and Mac computers which allows it to fit in with your business and crew.

The Seall ECDIS offers a quality product, which exceeds industry compliance standards, at an affordable price.

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